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  • Change functions of gamepad buttons
  • Script Call for vibration of gamepads (the vibration will only be executed on gamepads, which support vibration) 
  • Optional vibration, if an actor takes damage in battle
  • Option command in the option window to deactivate or activate all vibrations in the game (new feature of version 1.1)
  • Option command config will be saved (added with version 1.2)
  • Adding vibrations to certain skills via notetag (added with version 1.3)
  • Change button functions via Script Call in the running game (added with version 1.4)

The features are explained in more detail inside the plugin's help text.


In RPG Maker MV you might have to update your NW .js so the vibrations work properly. Here is a tutorial to make it possible:


Terms of Use:

It is allowed to use this plugin for free and commercial purposes on the condition of mentioning me with the name   "Eric the  Funny  Baron"  or  "EFJ_Baron"  in your project's credits.

I welcome every kind of constructive criticism.

Have fun with the plugins! :D

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AuthorEric the Funny Baron
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I'm working on a PS1 inspired game with pre-rendered 3D backgrounds and rumble support. Just started using this plugin and it's exactly what I need. Love the default battle damage rumble as well! Will continue to update with my feedback as things progress.

Thank you, I'm glad you are liking it. 🙂