A downloadable asset pack

Are you looking for music to put the finishing touches on your project? Then you've found exactly the right package here. With these 12 very versatile songs you can create a special atmosphere. In addition to completely new songs, a few will also pay homage to the first Baron's Music Pack. Added to that their seamless structure makes them ideal for usage in video games.

As always, my music can be used for free and commercial purposes on the condition that you mention me in the credits as “Eric the Funny Baron” or “EFJ_Baron”.

Constructive criticism is very welcome.

Have fun with the songs!


Barons Music Pack 2.zip 40 MB


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I want to give credit to you so what is your name please?

Do you mean my real name? Because my internet names are given in the text document "Terms of Use". In my terms of use I said, I want to be credited with the names "Eric the Funny Baron" or "EFJ_Baron". 😁