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From dark atmospheric sounds to epic inspirational melodies - This collection contains  various songs to create a unique atmosphere in your projects.

This pack provides you with more than  30 individual songs, which can be used for a lot of different creative projects like games and movies.  All the songs in this pack loop seamlesslyso  they are  suitable for games. 

The best part is that  you can use the music in this pack for free and commercial purposes on the  only condition of mention me as "Eric the Funny Baron" or "EFJ_Baron" in your project's credits.

I welcome every kind of constructive criticism.

Here you can find my second music pack for even more songs for your projects:


Have fun with the songs!


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Baron's Music Pack.zip 126 MB


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Hi, thanks a lot for your free songs, we used "A Dark Ritual" in our jam game, and the song really add to the atmosphere !

Thanks, I'm glad you found good use of the song.   When I have time I will look at the game.^^


Hi, thank you very much for your Halloween Swing music! It was hard finding a suitable theme for my game but I think yours fit in perfectly!


Thank you, I'm glad to hear that you found a fitting theme for your game. I also tried it out.      A fun little game.^^


Dark Pub is exactly what I've been looking for! Thank you!

Thank you. I'm glad you like the song. :D


So I just wanted to come back and let you know that I settled on Grammophone song as the main theme for my entire project. You make some seriously great tracks and I'm certain I'll end up using many more in my project!

Here's a gameplay preview if you want to see the song in action:

Thank you for the video. The music seems to work fine with the title screen. I'm really glad you like my music :) . I wish you success with your project.


Used 'gloomy factory' for my clicker project. 

Great audio files. 


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Hello, I think the song is fitting for the game. I tried your game. Are you planning to expand the game mechanics of the game or is it just a prototype? I'm asking because it exists just the clicking mechanic. Don't worry, I don't mean it in a negative way, I'm just curious. :D


It is my first of 4 projects for a class that I am taking. I need to fix some aspects like currency/hp/upgrade scaling and more information for users to understand how the upgrade cost works, etc.

Thanks for the feedback.


Your music is amazing! Thanks for sharing with us, I'll definitely use them โ™ฅ

By the way, can i share this pack on reddit? people there will love it too


Hello, thank you for your positive feedback. To answer your question, yes, you can share this pack on Reddit. I'm really happy you want to share my work with others. I just ask you for the link to your Reddit post, because I'm always curious about possible reactions my package might get. I hope, that's understandable.๐Ÿ˜ƒ


I'll post it on r/rpgmaker later, then I'll post the link in a reply here, so you can see what I others think about your amazing music


Just wanted to stop by and say that your music is amazing and I can't believe you released it for free. It sounds like professional quality music and I would have been happy to at least pay you a few dollars for it. I'm working on a game that will mostly be using your music for the soundtrack. Do you have any plans to release any more music packs in the future? I'd love to download more of your beautiful work.

Hello, thank you for your kind and positive feedback. I'm happy to help you with my music.

I don't have planned any new music packs in the near future. This fact may change, if I have enough inspiration and time for new music for a music pack. I hope the music from the music pack will help you a lot in the future.

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Man one of the songs fits my game perfectly :) love it. Thanks for making such good music.

O wow, thank you!^^ It's one of the best compliments a musician can get. Maybe I will find and play your game someday. Has it already a title? :D

Well no and it's probably gonna take some time to finish. First trying to finish some smaller projects as i realized the project (which first started as a game jam) has a way too big scope for now. I'll get back to it tho. 

Ah ok, then I wish you  good luck with your projects. :D

These are really good. One query. Is it okay to remix these?

There's one that I like that I'd love to rearrange so it starts at a different part.


Yes, of course you can do that. Feel free to remix it. I support this kind of creativity! ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ‘

Nice music, really appreciate ur work.

Oh, thanks! Sorry for replying so late

It's okey